Catherine McKinnon Print Collection

Catherine McKinnon Print Collection


      We offer you a choice of three premium fine art paper options for your print on paper:


      Due to its lasting and flexible qualities, Archival Matte is an excellent choice for both watercolor and oil painting reproductions. With its heavy-weight matte finish, it is made for high contrast and crisp reproduction of high-res images. Also, as it is neutral white in color, it will suit all color palettes. Because it is acid-free for archival longevity, it is ideal for all fine art applications. 230 gsm / 9.5 mil


      Due to its textured finish and weight, this fine art paper provides an authentic look and feel for watercolor reproductions. Also, this is a neutral-toned, acid-free paper made from 100% cotton rag. 300 gsm / 24 mil


      Picture Rag, the traditional gold standard for fine art paper, is popular for its ability to reproduce high contrast black and white imagery and hold incredibly vivid and true colors. Due to these qualities, we recommend it for our reproductions of oil paintings. Cool Tone Picture Rag is an acid-free paper made from 100% cotton rag.  300 gsm / 24 mil 

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